Book The Firestarter As Your Keynote Speaker & Performer

Have Sanyika excite your audience through inspiring spoken word performances, teach through powerful stories and deliver insightful techniques that will show your audience “How To Be A Firestarter”

***All Keynotes Performances & Talks are customized for each event!***


Book The Firestarter To Perform At Your Event

Whether a Special Event, Gala or Annual Conference the Firestarter’s performances are electrifying. If the time is limited or extended (he can do a full 30 minute set, of only performance material with music depending on the setup). He can electrify your crowd with a unique blend of insightful content combined with awe inspiring music. Experience storytelling like you’ve never experienced it before, all you need is The Firestarter.

Book The Firestarter To Host Your Event,
Conference Or Summit

Every event needs a Firestarter to ignite the audience, keep the momentum going and keep the energy flowing through every aspect of your event seamlessly. From moderating your panels to engaging your audience with intermittent performances, there’s noone better to light up your event like The Firestarter.



Creative Storytelling Campaigns (For Brands & Social Movements)

Sanyika is also the founder of The Firestarter Agency, an agency that partners with brands to turn stories into social movements. His most recent storytelling campaign, “Thank You For Your Service” a collaboration with the All Warrior Network & U.S. Department Of Defense went viral becoming the best performing content in network history. Whether you are a brand, corporation or organization, have Sanyika combine powerful online content with an even more powerful offline activation that ignites your movement and inspires world changing actions.


Customized Content Creation (Music & Video Content Creation)

Let The Firestarter ignite your brand or campaign with unique blend of music and voice talent. As a professional songwriter (Universal Music Group) The Firestarter is frequently commissioned to customize lyrics music with his powerful voice to craft dynamic content that ignites your brand and your movement. Let the Firestarter tell the story of your brand through the power of spoken word performances and cinematic scoring.

Firestarter Workshops & Story Coaching

Sanyika is a proven and powerful storyteller. In his Workshops (for brands, businesses, organizations and school) and one-on-one coaching, The Firestarter teaches you the craft of innovative storytelling to improve your communication skills and amplify your impact. Story transformed the way we live and as a modern day storyteller, we’ve lost the craft of gathering people through this powerful medium. Whether you are a business, organization or a brand, everyone has a story to tell. So let The Firestarter teach you how to become a better communicator and leader through the one of humanity’s first innovations, The Power Of Storytelling.

The Firestarter As Your Spokesperson & Ambassador

The Firestarter ignites brands, organizations and social movements online AND in person. At 6’8″ with a powerful voice that fills up a room, it makes The Firestarter an asset for any brand looking to make a real impact. If you’re looking for a powerful messenger, to deliver YOUR powerful message then you are in the right place. Every brand, organization and entity looking to excite or ignite their brand needs The Firestarter.

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